After The Jobs Rant

Not that is has been more than a day after the Apple earnings call and the comments from Steve Jobs, there has been many responses from others and analysis of the comments from Steve. It would appear there is so much going on, it can be divided into various areas of people doing fact checking and rebutting the comments he made. For Steve Jobs, he has created significant conversation in the various areas he touched on and pushed a few hot buttons in the process.

For all the statements he made, it would appear he was going on the offensive against the competition which, in the case of the Android OS, has been chipping away at the market share of the iPhone. It has done this in a relatively short time, while gaining numerous hardware manufacturers to produce the phones. The iPhone is a single device, while the Android OS runs on many devices. The many to one analogy makes it a very difficult fight for Apple and an up hill battle for them to maintain their market share. The discussions about the Open versus Closed and the Fractured versus Integrated are still continuing as people analyze his statements, which in some cases appear to be less than accurate.

Steve Jobs has never been one to shy away from a fight and he has now engaged a large audience with the end result being an analysis of the future of several Apple products. Reports about the Android OS show it is growing in mobile ads, developer preference, more features with each new release, and the list goes on. The iPhone has a single release each year, which includes a major OS upgrade. With the Android OS, they provide a release when it is done, which is several times a year with the 3.0 version rumored to be out this year.

Much of this is the result of pipeline supply issues for the iPad and iPhone which resulted in lower than expected sales of the two. Steve is one who expects things to go his way and when they do not, it becomes well known. For the iPad, Apple has been tied down to few retail outlets for their product and only in the past few weeks have they begun to resolve that situation. With the coming wave of tablets, their control of the tablet market is being threatened. For the iPhone, the exclusive contract agreement with AT&T has resulted in a very narrow delivery system from a wireless carrier not quite prepared for the bandwidth needs of the phones. If they can expand to other wireless carriers in early 2011, they can continue to enjoy a marjority market share in the US for a little while longer.

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