What is Cloud Computing?

Everyone has different definition for this useful term according to their usage and benefits it provides. In simple words, it is a solution used for delivering and sharing the resources like hosted services over the web. The word “cloud’ does not mean a fluffy material in the sky or the structure of the server is also not like the cloud. It actually resembles the telephones network which appears like cloud up to some extent and when this term globally used, people just used it as cloud computing. You can say it is the updated version of traditional computing where the business applications have been very complicated and expensive and the amount of hardware and software required to run these applications need a whole team of professionals to install, operate, configure, update and secure.

However with the cloud computing concept, you don’t need to take all these headaches as these services are available as utility services, so you can buy this service by just paying for what your IT infrastructure need?

Now here we need to know, is the cloud computing solution good for our business? Basically cloud computing concept allows us to hire the complete database for our business. Especially for small business, this technology has been proved very beneficial. Here are some advantages of cloud computing solution that will help you in making decision to hire this technology for your business or not.

It saves time and money as employees can remain connected with their work whether they are outside the office.

It helps in increasing productivity.

Allows employees to learn new techniques and concepts.

Allow employees to access latest technology including inventory management, customer relationship management and client management and other marketing tools.

It cuts down the cost of extra hardware and software that you need to operate business operations.

It keeps record of everything and makes you free from updating and securing the confidential data.

With the full implementation of cloud computing, no need for PCs and servers at business locations.

Above are some of the benefits that enough to create your interest in this concept. If we talk about the big organizations, they are already using this technique and the number of small organization is also growing very fast in the way to implement this service. With the help of cloud computing service, you don’t need to own a server and that is the reason it saves your capital cost and hence increase productivity. In addition, there are various intangible cost such as energy cost, keep place cool where server is located, desktop, troubleshooting, and other staff costing increase your budget, but cloud technology cuts all these intangible cost and saves your money.

However, it is interesting to note the companies that are resorting to cloud computing. This shift mostly influences companies with few multiple sub-industries that comprise hardware manufacturers, software companies and ISP service providers. Enterprises of these verticals are likely to encounter certain modifications if cloud computing is to be the order of the day. Though it is simple to see the way the key internet and software enterprises will be impacted by this shift, it will altogether make the procedure way more simpler for the hardware enterprises.

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