3 Types Of Auto Rebates You Should Ask About When Buying A New Or Used Car

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Most people who are in the market to buy a new or used car generally look at the vehicle’s sticker price and nothing more. However, when shopping for your next vehicle, whether new or used or hybrid, you can save more money by asking about any rebates that could be applied to your purchase. With a rebate you can save money on your purchase and drive away in your desired vehicle.

New Car Rebates

Many times the car manufacturer will offer rebates through the dealer on new models as an incentive to move the product. This can sometimes happen toward the end of each new model year, so if you’re looking to save money with a new car rebate, you should try to hold out for year end sales, rebates, and other incentives for purchasing a new vehicle. This type of rebate will be applied to the final purchase price, so if you decide to take advantage of this rebate, go ahead and negotiate to the price you’re willing to pay before the rebate is applied.

Used Car Rebates

Used car rebates aren’t as common as new car rebates. This is because, unlike a new car rebate, a used car rebate is applied directly by the dealer. Oftentimes used car dealers are reluctant to offer these types of rebates because the dealer may actually lose money on a sale. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never find a used car dealer that offers rebates. All you need to do is ask about any rebates the dealer can offer for your used car purchase. You’ll find that most used car dealers truly want to take care of their customers and therefore offer to work with you on sticker price and any added rebates that they may offer.

Hybrid Car Rebates

Hybrids are a breed of car all their own. While some dealers sell hybrids where a rebate can be applied, the money saved does not come from the car manufacturer or the dealer. In a hybrid’s case, the rebate is applied after the purchase and through the government. The government uses a rebate in much the same way as a manufacturer or dealer: to give the buyer incentive to purchase a specific type of vehicle.

With a hybrid rebate, the government is giving incentive for you, the buyer, to purchase a special type of technology that benefits the environment. Alternative fuel and electric hybrids reduce emissions that pollute the air and also offer more in terms of gas mileage and cleaner fuel alternatives. In some cases, purchasing a hybrid car with a rebate actually means a tax break. The rebate offered by the government can come in the form of a tax cut for buying an energy-efficient product. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Next time you are looking for a new or used vehicle, or even a hybrid, consider discussing with your car dealer about any available rebates that could be applied to your purchase. Find your local car dealer ship, like Star Auto Mall LLC, and remember these tips to save yourself money and drive out of the lot with your desired car.

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