How To Choose A Good Website Designer

There are a few things that you need to know when choosing a good website designer. Too many business owners make the mistake on choosing a website designer by how well the design looks. BIG mistake! Although your website needs to look good, more importantly it also needs to be built correctly. A website built incorrectly will cause you a lot of harm for your presence on the Internet that can and will be difficult to change. Some other things that you will need to know which are important to a successful website, are domain ownership, having your own hosting account, and SEO.

Choosing The Right Website Designer

You will need to consider many thins when choosing the right website designer. The first one is deciding who you are going to call. A great place to start is with people you know who may have had websites built for them already. Ask them lots of questions. Find out what their experience was with that designer. Another thing that you can do is get on Google and do some searching for a good website designer. Look locally, and if they are showing up high on the organic search results, and their website looks nice, that is a good place to consider. Look at websites they have built. If the websites look halfway done or incomplete, chances are you are dealing with someone who is amateur.

Price is also an option to consider. If a website designer is only charging you 0-500, walk away fast. They are most likely building you a template site that will not be built correctly for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. SEO helps you get found, and if you are not getting found, your website is a waste of time, money, and effort. A good designer can build you an entry level custom designed site with 20 pages, SEO friendly design, for around ,000 or a little more. Anything less will be junk. Any thing above ,600 for 20 pages better be something special.

Choose a Good Website Designer Experienced In SEO

When you choose a good website designer, make sure that you choose one who is experienced with SEO. Again, SEO is the make or break element that will either bring you business on-line or not. Google is the new phone book more or less, and if you do not play by their rules, you will not be found. Too many website designers take advantage of those who do not know what to look for in a good website designer. They simply burn through the site real quick and hand it over to you. Meanwhile, your website will never be found as is. I have clients who literally have amazing services, and websites that have been around for a long while, yet no one can find their website. SEO is needed and proper site structure for your site to be found. A good website designer can help with this.

Other Factors That Make A Good Website Designer

A good website designer will never register your domain, or host your site. On one side of the coin, this may seem a little harsh and uncharacteristic of good customer service. The flip side is, I have personally seen too many website owners loose their domains because the website designer never renewed it, and then tried to sell it back to the guy who thought it was his in the first place. Hosting is another issue. As a website owner, you should own your own hosting account. This way, you have control over the account. If you have a website designer who is no longer doing the work right, or up and leaves town, or simply you cannot trust them anymore, you have the power to change passwords on your hosting or FTP account and lock them out. It is much better to have control over your own domain and hosting.

A good website designer will never try to push you into anything, and sell you more than what you need. However a good website designer also offers monthly SEO services as well. Ongoing SEO is needed if you want your website to rank high. The simple facts are that people are 80% more likely to click on the first link as opposed to the next in line. Page two of Google is much, much less. The hard reality is that if you want a website, do your homework, and be prepared to spend more than you intended. In today’s ecocnomy, you cannot survive unless you are online, or have a ton of cash to spend on advertising. Choosing a good website designer will be the first and most important decision of your being on-line.


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