How to Disable Android’s Security Lock Screen Automatically When Connected to Home Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

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Having a security look screen enabled on the mobile phones is a must have thing as they contains your important and personal information but sometimes this extra security becomes a headache especially when you are in a same environment like in your home or at friends place. At those safe places, constantly entering a pass or pattern every time you want to use your device can by annoying. That’s the reason most of the people do not use the security lock feature at all which is not a good practice at all.

What if I tell you that there is a way to automatically disable the security lock screen when you are in a trusted zone like at friends home or at your own home and connected to a Wi-Fi network, and automatically re-enabling it when you are out at the mall, shop or a cafe.

Actually it is not complicated at all. There is an app available at the Google Play store “Delayed Lock Trial “. Actually it is a paid app but its full version is available totally free of cost for a limited period of time (around 15 days). once the trial expires, it will cost around $2.99 so go ahead and grab it as soon as possible. It is the first important step in this tutorial. In case if this trial period is gone, then you will have to pay that fee as it is totally worth the price.

Considering that you have downloaded and installed the application, you can move to the next step. Now you have to decide that at what places or conditions you have to disable the secuirty lock screen like when you are connected to your home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or on a trusted network. Similarly your car is another such place which can be considered as safe. Once you have decided that, you can move to the next step.

Assuming you have followed all the steps given above, follow the instructions given below to Disable Android’s Security Lock Screen Automatically When Connected to Home Bluetooth or Wi-Fi:

1. Go to phone settings > Security and tap “security lock”. Make sure you are set to swipe.

2. Now open Delayed lock and swipe to the left for General tab. On this screen, you should select ““Enable Delayed Lock” and “Admin permission”. You will also have to select active under the “Activate Device Administrator”. Then select password or pattern and follow the remaining procedure.

One more thing you may want to do here is to decide if you want your device to wipe automatically after a certain number of failed attempts. You can select it to 5 or any number you are comfortable with.

3. Then swipe to the left to go to the delay tab. Here you will have to select for how long your device will be locked when you are in untrusted zone. You can either set it in seconds, minutes or hours. The choice is yours. I would recommend you to go with 3 minutes after screen off. So when you will be in a public area, you will be promoted to enter the pin to unlock the phone but if you wake up the device again with 3 minutes you will not have to enter the pin. Then the pin will be re-enabled if you do not wake up the phone after 3 minutes. You can go with any desired amount of time you wish.

4. Swipe to the left again to go the plugins tab. On this tab you can add Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, locations and such things. Tap on the Wi-Fi and you will be asked for the SSID of the network. You can simple select “Add currently connected network” or enter the SSID of your Wi-Fi network. Next option is to select the time delay i.e. after how many seconds your device will lock when you disconnect from the network. You can select 2 minutes (120 seconds). This way you will not be asked for the pin code or pattern until you are connected to the trusted network.

5. Tab on “Show map to add locations” to configure locations. Your current location will be indicated by a dot so it is easier to add the location of your home. You can tap anywhere in the map which you consider as a safe place. You will be promoted to enter amount of radius in meter. By default it is 100 meter.

6. The last step is to setup Bluetooth devices. Simply choose “Add all paired devices” to complete this step. You can exclude some Bluetooth devices if you want. Next you will asked to enter time delay. You can enter 60 seconds here or any number you are comfortable with.

That’s it. Now you are all set and secure and most importantly you will not have to enter your pin every time you want to use your device. Whenever you will be at a trusted place, the security lock will remain disabled and then you will be at a public place it will be enabled again. We have checked this on more than 4 devices and it works perfectly on all of them and should work for you too.

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