How To Do Local SEO Marketing Yourself

In this article we will discuss what you can do to get your SEO to the top of it’s game, DIY style. First of all, it’s important to understand that successful Search Marketing companies, like us, have a large suite of very expensive tools we use to fine tune tiny details that eventually result in ranking at the very top of the search engines. Most business owners and CEO’s won’t want to get these tools just to optimize their own website. So this article is going to be a general overview of what you can do to optimize your site to rank higher, hopefully on Page 1, without needing any paid tools.


It is important to note that good On-page SEO will not get you ranked #1 by itself. Google and Bing are smart enough to know that there are outside factors that are much more important when determining what a site is about and how trustworthy it is. However, it’s important to have a strong foundation when doing anything marketing related, and on-page optimization is the foundation of everything else we are going to do.

This is crucial! You may think that by overstuffing your keywords in your homepage you will rank better and quicker. This cannot be further from the truth. Without going into to much detail (that you really don’t need to worry yourself with) here is a tip: you are human, use that to your advantage. What I mean is you will naturally get keywords in your articles and pages because the subject matter you are writing about is on your mind. Don’t overdo it!

Take our site for example, If we want to rank an inner page (anything that is not the home page) for a keyword or a location, we need to name it accordingly. For example: we are a roofing company and our domain name is, but we want to rank a few different inner pages for a few different cities. We would want to name these pages Make sense? Not all website platforms make this easy, but the major ones like wordpress and weebly, make it easy.

The search engines need to know that you are a real business, not some kind of lead generation or spam site. Having a verifiable physical address on your website is just the ticket. Generally, you want to put this information in a sitewide footer. This is where the information appears in the footer (bottom of page) on every page of your website.

Search engines love “about” pages because it shows that you are a real business who wants to connect with your consumer. Don’t skimp on the content, 300-500 words minimum is what you need on this page. A good format to use is when and why your business started, what sets you apart from your competition, and your motivation for continuing to serve your consumers.


This part deals with the conversion of the website. Look, you can get all the traffic in the world, but if your site doesn’t convert, it’s useless. The easiest way to explain conversion is this: Keep It Simple. Keep it very, very simple. At the top have your company name (Logo is important, real businesses have logos), have your phone number, and if possible have your address.

In your menus bar, make sure to have your “about” page, “testimonials” page, and “contact” page very easy to see and click on. These are the pages that sell your product.

Do not squeeze content together. In other words, dead space is good space. Cluttered home pages and landing pages make consumers want to hit the “BACK” button quicker than a pop-up!

Have a clear call to action. Have a “Free Quote” or “Call Now” button somewhere the consumer can see without having to look to hard for it.


This step is crucial and must not be skipped. While what we can teach here is only skimming the surface of what the best SEO Companies in the world do, it’s more than what 90% of most search engine optimization companies do for their clients.

Don’t focus on backlinks, BUILD YOUR BRAND! Too many people trying to do seo are focused on getting backlinks. Now I’m not saying that backlinks aren’t very powerful, because they are. But there is an easier way for a beginner to get their website ranking, and that is building trust through social media. And no, I don’t mean humans trusting you because you have social media outlets. I’m still talking SEO.

When you have taken the time to claim your businesses’ social properties, it shows Google and Bing that you are a real business and you are trying to establish a brand across the web. This is exactly what we want. There’s only one problem: most people do this WRONG. Here’s the correct way when claiming your social media profiles.

It may sound simple, or silly, but having your correct URL in the “Website URL/Address” section when filling out your profile is crucial. If you don’t have this, the search engines may not recognize this property as yours, thus not giving you credit for it. Remember, these are bots we are talking about. They need proof that this is your profile. So go to your website, copy the URL in full from the top, and Paste it in the slot.

You may not think it’s important, but you need to fill out your business information completely, including your address and phone number. And make sure it’s your MAIN phone number, not a number you set up to track how many calls you are getting from Facebook. You want this information to match what’s on your website.

Make sure to post at least 10 pictures of your business in the photos section of these profiles. Make sure to upload your logo or a picture of the storefront to the profile photo, and a nice background image if called for. If you’re not shy, make your background photo, or profile photo a picture of yourself and/or your crew.

Make sure you are posting to these social profiles at least once or twice every month. You can absolutely link back to your website in these posts, that won’t hurt one bit. Google wants see that these profiles are active, and it only takes a couple of posts a month to keep these up.


If you follow this guide, and do not skip any steps, you will be ahead of most of your competition. If you have decided you don’t have time to implement these steps personally, be careful of which SEO Company you hire to do the work for you. About 90% of the search marketing agencies out there know less than you do when it comes to effective SEO, if you read this article in it’s entirety. If you want to work with the best SEO Consulting Firm available, contact Search Engine Summit []. We would love to work with you.

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