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I will explain in detail about how to install wordpress in 000webhost using domain for the first step, namely:\

1. How to Apply domain at

a. Please click the link below the banner link for your new domain registration at

b. In the empty text area please input your favorite domain name and then “Check Availability” like the following screenshot

If available the domain and then click “Continue to registration” and will open a new window like the following

Click on “Create an account now” which was given a blue circle then fill out the form to complete.

c. Click on your domain and nameserver entries like the following from 000webhost

d. Once filled nameserver click on the “Set Up” to end your day job and wait up to 48 hours to activate

Step two is you have to have hosting and I recommend to use the free hosting at 000webhost and following the steps in How to register

2. Please click on the link following link

3. Click the “Sign Up” for registration

a. Enter your domain name in the text area blank

b. Enter your name, email, passwords and code characters

c. Give to tick the “I agree to Terms of Service,” then click “create my account”

d. Wait until the 24-48 hour working period

a. Please enter the member area in 00webhost by including emails, passwords and code character

b. Click Go to CPanel

c. In the software / services Select MySQL

d. The contents of the MySQL database name, the MySQL user name, password for the MySQL user, Enter your password again as you wish, eg

e. Click on “Create database”

f. Save your database in notepad

g. After creating the database is complete now is the time to install wordpress in cpanel 000webhost

h. Download wordpress version 3.0.1 and later in the extract at

i. Find the file wp-config-sample.php then the double click to open

j. Copy it and save it in notepad

k. Then find the database you should edit the following
define (‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’);

/ ** MySQL database username * /
define (‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’);

/ ** MySQL database password * /
define (‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’);

Having met input the database name, username, password and database host, examples

l. Save with name wp-config.php

m. Extract the zip file and name your wordpress or whatever

n. Now go to File menu and select “File Manager”

0. Choose public_html

p. Click Upload

q. Choose the right to upload your file click browse and search the wordpress files in your computer, wait until the upload is complete

s. Please fill in the name of your blog as you wish and passwordd

t. completed and do not forget to delete the default.php file in public_html

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