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You have been working for everyone else giving your paycheck to the mortgage holder, the auto lender, and a host of other companies, that cry for a piece of your pie even before the deposit hits your bank.

You have worked an honest job all your life, paid your bills on time, provided the best you could for your family, cut corners where you could to save money without sacrificing the essentials, paid your taxes, lived conservatively and not wastefully, and tried to build up a savings plan but does it feel like your not getting ahead? Does it seem like the paycheck is gone even before you get it?

Are you tired of giving away your hard earned income every month? Have you asked yourself the question, “When does hard work equal success?” At the rate the US government is devaluing the U.S. dollar your savings plan isn’t going to give you the retirement life you always dreamed of.

Uncle Sam does not know the first thing about solving economic or business problems. Everything they manage to run they destroy. The politicians get caught up in the game of let’s make a deal for political gain to hold onto their seat for the next term. I for one have no confidence in either of these groups to make life any better for me and my family.

There is nobody but me that cares enough about the health, wealth, and welfare of my family and I. Especially now during this time of economic turmoil in the world, this is the time to generate more income and prepare a better future for you and your family. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that money cannot be made during these times. It will be the creative thinkers with a strong entrepreneur spirit, and and a driving force to make things happen who will be the ones that will come out on top. You’ve heard the old saying, “When the going gets rough, the tough get going.”

Many of the great businesses of today were started during the great depression. Oftentimes adversity and hard times brings out the best in us. It forces us to reach down inside to find something within that lights a fire in our soul and becomes the fumes that ignites our will to survive which propels us to fulfill those deep set dreams. We are living in such a time as that where wealth is being transferred dividing everyone into two groups ‘the Haves’ and the “Have Nots’. I have determined that I will not be among the later group.

Are you still relying on a “JOB’ to determine your future? My conclusion is that an hourly or salary wage job is only a mechanism to keep you just over broke. It does not seem to matter whether you make fifteen dollars an hour or fifty dollars an hour it never seems to be enough to accomplish what you desire out of life. The way the tax laws are written in the United States and the financial establishment is organized you will more than likely always be in debt. And those who hold the debt are the masters of the borrowers which gives them the power to do as they wish to the common citizens treating them as mere slaves. Government regulates companies that provide jobs and makes it difficult for even their success. More of our American jobs are going overseas.Government sets the (low) standard of wages and sets caps for the top income earners. Government also taxes both the employer and employees playing both sides of the fiddle. The average income earner works four months out of the year to pay on the interest that our government is borrowing so the few elites that sit up top controlling the financial system can live their extravagant lives while the average citizens slaves away trying to get ahead. They play you as pawns while they plan their big schemes. Well, I have refused to play their game and be one of their pawns. I have joined forces with a community of entrepreneurs as we help one another rise out of this corrupt system. We are empowering ourselves by creating our own capital by building our own business.

This is a global network of highly motivated people determined to make their own success in life. We refuse to continue in the status quo trapped in a flawed system of financial dependency so we are taking charge of our destiny. If this describes you and your viewpoint then you can join us and together we will forge a new and better path for our respective families. What are the benefits for you?

* Determine your own net worth and write your own paycheck.
* Stop trading time for money and have more time to spend with the ones you love.
* Professional training online in a supportive global community with other like-minded people with the same goals.
* Get out of debt completely that means no credit debt, no more mortgage, and kiss the credit scoring system goodbye because you will not need it.
* Learn how to protect your assets and establish solid financial planning.
* Be in a position to set up your own bank, yes I said be your own bank. Your in charge now.

> “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough.”


We have a solution to the unemployment crisis that is unfolding in the United States. We have a proven business model, a turn-key marketing system, a call center to make sales and qualify leads for you and a team of experts in place to assist you every step of the way so that folks with zero experience can plug right in and have success in a matter of weeks not years or decades like in the “old school” MLM model.

The success you gain in this endeavor will be your own success. It will take work and it will take time to learn. You will have access to the finest training materials, including live trainings that will prepare you to establish your business and manage it as a well trained professional. Do not expect instant results because there is a process to learn but you may be surprised just how fast it can be done. The amount of effort you put into your business will determine the level of your success and the rate of speed it will grow. Financial planning requires a plan. Those who fail are those who fail to plan or just plain quit.You will discover your own self worth and will be guided in plotting your path to your success. You will grow as a person as you learn to tap into your own full potential. If a man (or a woman) knows where he (she) is going, the world will step aside and let him (her) pass. This adventure will bring out your leadership skills.

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If you do not think you have what it takes to be a success then this information is not for you. I am looking for serious entrepreneurs that are ready to take charge of their destiny. Cowards need not apply.

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