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Recently I traveled to New York. Last year I met a now 7-year-old girl who was visiting her now late grandfather next door to me. I helped out the family when Fern, the girl, needed to be side-tracked and had a good time.
I have kept in touch with her through mail and sending pictures. Then, this summer, we got a
phone call asking if I would like to take a trip with the same family. They were traveling to the Adirondacks to visit the mother’s old childhood home and thought I would have a great time with them; and that is exactly what I’m doing. After three days of driving, approximately 1,000 miles, we arrived in the eight bedroom house.
I’m sleeping in the canopy room and the house is so full of memories of good times, which the mother shares with us children. We’ve had a great time so far climbing mountains and waterfalls! The views are breath taking; it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. We will be going to a water park full of activities soon which is something to look forward to.
We also play tennis and swim everyday. The lakes up here are much colder than Florida’s and
there are no gators! That’s definitely something new for me. And nothing against Florida but I sure am enjoying the cooler weather although the whole country is breaking records.
There have also been small festivities like concerts on the lake featuring the National Hammer Dulcimer Champion which is an instrument like the xylophone. An art festival took place over the weekend with many crafts from the locals.
Another difference here in the North is chipmunks. I absolutely love them. They have eaten out of Fern, and my hands. They are the cutest little things until one finds its way into the house and helps itself to the bowl of peanuts. Although we haven’t seen any bears yet, we have seen baby deer, ducks, and loons. That’s the best way to wake up in the morning, the sound of the
The town itself is pretty small but it has its quirks. In fact, the stores are all locally owned and they even have a movie theater. It shows two movies at a time, current ones, and all times and ages cost $3!
That’s what I’m talking about!
We’ve had New York pizza and delicious Panda Paws ice cream. There are also many beach-like lakes for people to just relax and be care-free. I’ve met many new friends from all over the country and all walks of life. I plan on keeping in touch with them and it’s great to have such different people in my life.
The feeling this town gives off is very unique. When you meet a person for the first time here, you
don’t shake hands, you hug. Then, you’re instantly a part of the family. I’m going to remember this experience forever and I wrote a poem when I was feeling inspired.
All I Need
I climbed the mountain for new hope.
I closed my eyes so I could cope.
I floated along the riverside.
And I was carried by the rushing tide.
I looked up high hoping for change.
I danced without a care in the pouring rain.
In solitude, but never alone.
Like many others, I’ve found my home.
My soul is warmed as I soak up the sun.
I know we’ll be okay, a new day has come.
I’ll find inner-peace as I take a leap of faith.
Finally a dream I’ll be able to chase.

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