How To Create Shareable Content

You know… The kind of content which generates you backlinks, spikes your traffic and ultimately accelerates the sales process. Have you ever experienced this?

Regardless of your answer, as online marketers we thrive to turn the above mentioned mental picture into the everyday reality. There is a process which allows to create shareable, engaging and SEO friendly content every time. Interested?

Well, then…

If you are blindly blasting out articles, infographics and videos, you should not be surprised that you are not meeting your marketing goals.

Google has a beautiful mission to organise information of the world… and some content creators are contributing with a content which is equivalent to a trash in the non-digital world. Why would we say that?

Because their content is irrelevant and does not add value to their readers. It is because they have no idea what their reader needs and wants.

How can you avoid this? By following this step by step process.

You simply can not expect that your audience will share your content if the topic is not relevant to their needs. And it is simple to make sure it is, using the process above! Have you? If yes, then…

There are some online marketing gurus, like Neil Patel.

They tell that the key to creating a successful piece of content is to look into already popular pieces and make something better. Bigger. And then package it into the mesmerising graphics. They are right, but…

Making something better does not mean merging 10 pieces of competitors content into one. Your readers want something unique. Something which tells them something they have never heard before. They want to be educated and or inspired and or entertained and or surprised.

And here comes a surprisingly easy way to do this. Instead of limiting your research to other blogs – research books. People read much less books than they read articles on the Internet. Hence, chances of conveying something new become much higher.

Use expertise you obtained at conferences, university or at coffee breaks with your colleagues. Bring something useful, something unique to the vast spaces of the Internet.

Your readers will love you. You provide them with value – you educate and entertain them. You save their time by presenting proven methods, little known and deep-buried facts or entertaining jokes. In return they will share your content. They will return the favour.

It is as simple as that… except:

You might have wrote an article which is just on the spot – just today, your reader was thriving to learn about what you wrote.

You might have done in depth research at the local library, talked to the industry experts and performed your own experiments…

Yet your content is not shared. In that case please check your analytics platform. Chances are, your content is simply presented in a boring manner and hence not being explored/read/watched. People bounce off because your content is not readable and not engaging.

There are many potential causes for this unfortunate phenomena. It is also easy to fix. How?

First, use Flesch Readability scale to make sure your content text is easy to read. Then, Make sure you choose a readable font. In fact, it is possible to blow away three-quarters of your readers simply by choosing the wrong font, according to Colin Wheildon.

Finally, adjust the overall tone. We noticed that online content is becoming more and more look alike. You know…

Animated videos with that sweet, uplifting corporate soundtrack in the back. Calm, professional tone in the articles. Same colours, same layout.

Do not be boring. Be engaging. Use unique tone. Incite emotions such as intrigue. Get personal – refer to your readers personally by extensively using the word “you”. Stand out from the crowd and add a spice of originality to the routines of your readers.

Your ultimate goal is to have a base of loyal followers/customers, who are promoting your brand and engaging with your content. So you have to become a thought leader.

Know what they want to know. What they want to see. Prove you know more than they do – you are the master of the subject. You will become an authority in no time. And make sure to always, always stand out from the crowd. Dare to be different, and the old good AIDA will come to the rescue.

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