Pens Playoff Game!

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go to a Pittsburgh Penguins playoff game! I’ve only been to two games at the new Consol Energy Center, and I’ve never been to a Pens playoff game at all, so I was very excited.

This is how I got the tickets. I had just been to a work happy hour and I was checking my Facebook when I saw that Colleen (one of my marathon-relay-hockey-lady friends) had posted that she had a spare ticket for the game and needed to find someone to go with her. She had already asked a few people but they had plans. Who has plans that trump a Pens hockey game? Not me! (Actually that’s a lie. I often have plans that would trump a Pens hockey game. I just didn’t happen to have any such plans on Friday.)

So off I went to the game. We stopped at Las Velas for dinner before the game. I inhaled my food so I didn’t take a picture of the yummy fish tacos I had, but here is a picture of the chips.

Pre Game Eats


Here is my ticket!

Golden Ticket


We walked from Market Square to Consol, which is probably at least a 1/2 mile uphill, but rather make the walk than park near the arena (as my friend Regina who lives across the street from the arena would agree – you don’t want to be driving up there).

Towel giveaway when we got there. For those who are not locals and/or Pens fans, the Pens announcers tend to have some interesting/entertaining/based in no reality catch phrases when they’re calling the games, and this is one of them.*

Towel giveaway


Plus, you know, everyone likes a towel to wave around, right?

Colleen obtained the seats from our mutual friends Keith and Shelby. I used to be on Keith’s “do you want to buy my tickets” list but I got booted (probably for not buying any tickets for like three years). Colleen gets a few sets every year.

View from our seats


So of course the game was AWESOME. The score was 6-2, James Neal had a hat trick so everyone threw hats on the rink (that young man is the Real Deal), and it was the last game of the series with Ottawa so we got to see the teams go through the handshake line that is tradition at the end of every playoff series. Particularly the last 5-10 minutes of the third period, the crowd was just absolutely into the game and it was really exciting to be there and to be a part of the experience. I was a little sad to see how badly my boy Gonchar played for Ottawa. But I don’t care about anyone else on the other team. Haha.

I’m particularly proud of myself that there was a Dunkin Donuts stand right near our seats and I didn’t buy any donuts! Who even am I?

Meanwhile, Elena and Rachel were having a sleepover. Elena went to bed at like 5:30 on Saturday and Rachel took a 4-hour nap so we suspect that they were up pretty late talking about boys and doing shots.

Preparing for a night of debauchery


All in all, a fun evening! Thanks Colleen!

*I should confess that I don’t really know the history of this particular catch phrase. I Googled it and it appears to have been generated by Phil Bourque a few months ago. If I am completely off base with this statement I trust someone will (kindly) provide the correct information.

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