Honorable Mention: AVGN and Nostalgia Critic

I don’t think there exists a soul on the planet who doesn’t know what The Angry Video Game Nerd Show is. James Rolfe who plays the character of the AVGN is actually a film maker at heart. He’s actually working on a movie centered around his character which I imagine should be done pretty soon. Below you will find the trailer for “Angry Video Game Nerd The Movie”.
What James Rolfe did differently with reviewing games is what makes him stand out. For his sense of humor and honesty. He reviews games you wouldn’t want to play. So your just watching AVGN to laugh or see what extremity he is going to take it to next. Strangely enough.. James Rolfe is an introvert. If you want to know what that means it’s pretty much a quiet, shy person that thinks a lot more than he talks. James Rolfe isn’t a stuck up chump unlike most popular people. It seems to me that he has a soul and is a decent person to my knowledge. He has an incredible fan base and his YouTube Channel is the 4th most watch Channel on the YouTube. WOW.
Also a video game developer picked up the idea to make a video game based around the character that James Rolfe portrays in his show. You can find the games Official Facebook page here You can also watch the short video below to see what the game is like. The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is not out yet. But when this game does finally come out, I have a strong feeling it’s going to be a smash hit! Even if the game play is styled around retro gaming.
James Rolfe has also taken a step into fatherhood! Congrats James from everyone here at That Gaming Critic. James is still continuing to pump out all different kinds of reviews be it movies, lets plays or video games on his website regardless. I say check him out! I promise you won’t regret it.
Doug Walker is a well known movie critic. Doug Walker wanted to be a professional illustrator. He decided that maybe the internet could house his brilliance. He began by making (Movie Title) in 5 seconds videos on YouTube. You can see his Titanic In 5 Seconds video below.
Doug Walker is very funny and does come off as super intelligent with criticism. Ever since he started a show on YouTube he has been a smash hit with his viewers. Doug Walker did a tribute to Siskel & Ebert saying that he was influenced by them and spoke his piece about the two critic’s and how much he appreciated their work. He then received a tweet from Ebert saying “It was the best tribute he’d ever seen.” and framed it on his wall. After Ebert’s death Doug Walker spoke his heart out to Roger on the video below.
Doug Walker also made a connection with James Rolfe during a fake dispute on YouTube and they are now considered partners because of it. Doug Walker gained lots of influence by involving himself with James Rolfe and Doug Walker spread the influence to others as well. Angry Joe anyone? Doug Walker helped Joe to the top with his website That Guy With The Glasses and many other reviewers in terms of partnerships and crossovers. So, what does all this mean? It means because of Doug Walker and James Rolfe connecting and partnering is the very reason why we have independent reviewers that do greatly and are popular on YouTube. Interesting huh? See the first connection and aftermath that Doug Walker made with James Rolfe below.
Doug Walker has also made 3 movies with his team over at TGWTG. The titles being Kickassia, Suburban Knights and To Boldly Flee. These movies house not only Doug Walker but most of the reviewers and other reviewers associated with Doug Walker and AVGN. There’s too many to list but these movies can make you laugh pretty hard. My favorite is Kickassia of course.
You can grab an autographed version of all three movies and more features by clicking the link. I myself wish I had the money to buy this because I would love to own this. But unfortunately for me I have to pay my bills.
Doug Walker not only does the Nostalgia Critic character. He does Bum Reviews, Lori Prince Live, Ask That Guy with the Glasses and Video Game Confessions. Doug Walker is one dedicated critic. He is looking to make a game show and is asking people to donate to his kickstarter for the reasons below.
All and all these are some of the best critics out there on the internet in my judgement and I love watching them. They are always entertaining and always bring their best foot forward.

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