5 Tips for Aspiring Software Professionals

With Facebook having risen to the peak of its popularity, Mark Zuckerberg is worshipped by many software developers and techies alike. Many undergrad students (more of geeks) crave to transform into tech gurus; coding and inventing some product to get famous and worshipped. But the fact is, it doesn’t take an IIT or Harvard to impart you with the skills and aptitude to mutate you into a techie. Here are 5 tips that can put you on the top coders list.

1. Love Math:

The rule is simple. No math, no algorithm. A guy who abhors math can never be a programmer. No wonder software firms check a person’s aptitude skills rather than checking his coding ability. Coding can be taught in a short-span. Math? Well, let’s just say it takes a lifetime!

2. Listen:

Once you are pretty strong with math, writing algorithms will be as simple as a walk in the park. But, there are countless programming languages out there and you got to choose the right stuff. Choosing the right stuff needs significant knowledge on all of it (or atleast the uses of it). So, get yourself out there to any converge, where geeks talk about their experiences and their work on various language and similar sort. Talk to them about it personally. It is obvious that you can understand the head or tail of it. But., as it goes, practice makes a man perfect!

3. Gain Knowledge:

Once you get an idea of what’s best for you (either through step 2 or any other sort!), the third thing that’s need to be done is learning the stuff. If you are gifted enough to access a good library, well then, fine! Else you always got your faithful friend – Google! Invest time in the reading various blogs (like TechCrunch, Mashable, etc.) and find the right source to gain the knowledge on Internet. Internet is wilderness. There is every chance of getting drifted away. Hold your horses back and put them on the right path!

4. Engage:

Now to the critical point! Engaging. Developing a product can be a tedious and enervating task. But it can get worse if the product developed is of no use! Before you start keying in at terrific speeds developing your product, you will have to plan on how your product will have a positive difference on the life of the user. That needs engaging with the right sort who will form the primary users of your product.

5. Sell:

Marketing/Selling. The final stop after which your life will transform forever. You should either be a marketing guru or just be clever enough to put your product in the hands of the expert to get you acknowledged for the work you have done. Either case, you will need a faithful team that will support you and walk with you to all the way to glory!

Rome was not built in a day. But at some point, they started building. It works the same way. Plan, Perform, Transform. That’s the shortest mantra to become the next techie!

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