5 Most Hypnotic Words can be used

Which 5 most hypnotic words do you never pay attention to?

I went climbing with my buddies last month. One of them is my best friend, I can clearly remember she often beat me up when we were in childhood. However, we still often got together at spare time. And we often went shopping, went to the cinema, etc.

At that time, we often found some topics to discuss with each other, even made an argument. When we discussed about her Dad, she talked me he was a man of no few words and other vices. He was a great man in our mind. Because when he said words, all of us listened.

Here I want to talk about the power which are a few certain words in this world. There are 5 most powerful words that I am going to show you and these powerful words will have a hypnotic effect on anyone who you encounter.

Which powerful word is the most on the face of the earth? Of course, the answer is your own name. When you were a kid, you often heard your name many times. You were never conscious about it and have no attentions to pay. We just enjoy the feelings and attention that went with it.

Try your best to think a name which you can identify with the most. If you did it, that name will have the most powerful hypnotic effect on you. I suggest that you should have some words like people’s own name that can really have a profound hypnotic effect on them.

During your hypnotic communication, it is very important. This can help you are resonating with chief aspects of a person.

What is the second hypnotic word? “Because” is it in your hypnotic communication. The reason why I recommend you that is wired in your minds when you are youth. Do you remember that when you ask your parents if I can stay up late, your parents often replied you “No! Because…” . “Now” is as my third hypnotic word to give you. According to some specialist books which are written by Milton Erickson, who is a prominent psychiatrist, hypnotist and Godfather of modern hypnosis, “Now” this word is often referred to. Erickson used this word and a large number of people also use it.

Please picture yourself as a hypnotic communicator, now. “Now” used warily and it slowly becomes a surreptitious command to access their unconscious mind.

The fouth powerful hypnotic word I want to give you is “Imagine”. Imagine yourself go into a beautiful world, forget the boring world. You can think and imagine another world in your mind processing. This word is the key to have a good and quality hypnotic communication.

Finally, the word – Please and Thank you. Please can begin with the people who want to take something from others. However, Thank you can be used in completing the process. If you used thank you and please when you are youth, you will get so much that you never encounter.

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