Why We Decided to Re-Design Our Brand

The importance of a great design for your brand 

As any successful business will tell you, the correct marketing is so important to its success, and a big part of this is of course a great branding strategy. 

All of the most popular brands have got professional branding in action, which not only makes them stand out, but also means you can automatically associate products and content with that brand simply with a logo. From apps like Instagram to clothing brands like Ralph Lauren – although in vastly different areas, they’ve got one thing in common – an instantly recognisable brand. 

This is why if you want to make a success of your site, product, content, or more, that a great design is so important. Find out a bit more with our handy little guide here. 

It’s got to be memorable 

With so many competitor brands and all kinds of advertisements out there, one thing your brand has got to be is memorable. There is nothing worse than seeing a brand with a logo and general theme that are ten a penny, and which don’t strongly resonate with your brand. 

Your design has got to be memorable in order to stick in the mind of your potential audience – with a memorable design you can really make it easy for people to associate with your brand. Just remember that you want it to be memorable for all of the right reasons… 

It’s got to be original 

Aside from being memorable, your design has also got to be original, since that way it is going to stand out to your audience. For instance, while there is nothing wrong with being inspired by brands you admire and aspire to, there is no point in taking this admiration too far and mimicking them. 

Your audience wants to see something new and fresh, and you should want to achieve that as well, so it’s time for a brainstorm and to come up with original design ideas that you know are going to suit your niche.  

It reflects what you do 

Coming up with an original branding idea is all very well, but do remember that it’s got to reflect what it is you do or are offering. That chic and minimalist design you’ve been thinking about might look wonderful, but will it match with your country cottage lifestyle brand? 

Therefore, when you’re trying to come up with a design plan for your brand, it is essential that you take into account your area and what type of audience you’re seeking to reach. This can be a great way to come up with some inspiration too, so take advantage of this source of ideas! 

If you really want to make sure that you come up with a great design for your brand though, and aren’t exactly experienced in this area, then it could be time to call in the professionals. They’ll more easily understand your vision, and thanks to your valuable input will be able to come up with a design that works for you and your brand. 

To get a little inspiration, we suggest taking a look at the information available at https://www.pearlfisher.com/ since they’ve got lots of experience in this nuanced area of creative design.  

Whether you’re rebranding or launching a brand for the first time, don’t skip the all-important design stage – it’s so vital for growing your audience.  




Main Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothie

Main Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothie

Fruit smoothies are highly nutritious and can be an easy way to ensure your body receives all the essential nutrients it needs remain healthy and energised.

A healthy breakfast will give you a good start to your day and will give you the energy needed to keep going all day long – particularly in the hot summer months!

Vitamins and Minerals

There are six different groups of fruits that contain a diverse array of minerals and vitamins – berries, drupes, tropical, citrus, melons and pomes.  Citrus fruits, including tangerines, grapefruit, lemons and oranges, contain high levels of folate, potassium and vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a great immune-booster and helps to synthesise the creation of collagen, which is one of the building blocks of your body.  Potassium helps with heart function and also helps keep blood pressure at a normal level.  Last, but by no means least, folate helps to promote healthy cells.

Tropical fruits including pineapple, avocado, papaya, coconut, kiwi fruit, bananas, pomegranates and mangoes.  All of these fruits are a good source of Vitamin C, as well as manganese.  Manganese helps to keep thyroid activity normal and keep blood sugar and bones healthy.

Within the berry category of fruit, you will find raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, grapes and cranberries.  This is your go-to fruit category if you’re looking to add some much-needed antioxidants into your diet.  Antioxidants are particularly effective in decreasing inflammation in the body.  They also help to produce phytonutrients that can help fight off disease.

The most common drupe fruits are plums, cherries and apricots.  They provide high levels of vitamin C, potassium and beta carotene.  Beta carotene will help your immune system and vision to function correctly.


Adding fruit smoothies into your daily routine will help ensure you are eating the correct foods so that you reach the recommend intake of daily fibre.  For women this is 25 grams and 38 grams for men.  Pears, apples and blackberries contain the highest concentration of fibre and offer up to 7 grams of fibre per serving.  The fibre found in fruit can help to slow digestion and can also help lower levels of cholesterol and control blood sugar.

Boosts Brain Power

Certain fruits and vegetables can help to increase your overall brain power and can also help to boost memory levels.  Concentration and overall mental alertness can be greatly enhanced with fruits like coconut, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  Opting for a smoothie that includes this ingredient can help your brain work at peak levels.

Is Your Green Smoothie Actually Healthy?

Is Your Green Smoothie Actually Healthy?

Adding some healthy leafy greens to your morning smoothie is all the hype these days, but there is a lot of confusion when it comes to getting the most out of your daily dose of greens.

Why Switch to Green Smoothies?

Introducing just one green smoothie into your day can completely transform your health. The vast majority of the population don’t get enough daily leafy greens and starting your day off with a green smoothie is a great way to get your green without needing to taste or chew them.  Adding green smoothies into a healthy balanced diet offers a number of health benefits:

  1. Weight Loss. Increasing the number of fruit and vegetable you eat each day will encourage your body to get rid of excess water weight and fat that builds up over time from toxins stored in the body.
  2. More Energy. If you start your day off right and add a green smoothie to your daily routine, you will quickly see a noticeable increase in the amount of energy you have throughout the day.
  3. Muscle Gain. Popeye certainly had it right when it came to eating spinach. Leafy greens have a high percentage of protein, making them the perfect food if you’re currently building muscle.  As well as having a lot of protein, they also contain an abundance of other nutrients you need to build a healthy and strong body.  Vegan bodybuilders definitely know what they are doing, and their results prove that leafy greens work incredibly well when it comes to building muscle.
  4. Less Snacking. Opting for a filling green smoothie will help you to cut back on your snacking. As the ingredients in a green smoothie are generally low GI, this will help your blood sugar levels remain low until it’s time for lunch.
  5. Improve skin. Green smoothies have been known to help improve the appearance of acne, as well as improve the look of face wrinkles. The increased fluids, along with the powerful antioxidants in your green juice will help to hydrate your skin and reduce the look of wrinkles, making you appear more youthful and your skin more radiant.

We can all agree that the shining stars of any green smoothie are the leafy greens – chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients and protein you would be lost without them!

We’d love to hear about how green smoothies benefit you in your life.