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Social Media Management Tools helps you grow in the Social Media. Social media sharing is the most important factor that makes your blog famous. When you are using a WordPress or Joomla site, you get all the widgets and plugins to share instantly. There are some plugins that can share automatically whenever a post is updated or created.

If you created a site with your coding knowledge, you got to depend upon some online software social media sharing tools. There are some free tools and some are paid. Depending on the number of posts you are creating daily and depending on how much traffic you want to get per day decides whether you go for free tools or paid tools. The price ranges from $10 to $1000 per month. Higher the price higher the advantages of professional level features.

Today I’m here to share some of the top social media management tools for your social media marketing campaign. If you are running an online store, you know the importance of social media sharing. Because it decides the rate of conversion. Here is the list of top tools that are used by marketing professionals for their sites. You can decide which suits you best in all terms. Here you go….

Sprout Social allows you to

* 24hrs monitoring of your brand
* Instantly review your social conversations,
* You can publish instantly or can set a schedule sharing across multiple networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.
* There will be comprehensive reports and analysis about you social media campaign.

The pricing range is around $10 per month and there will be only 10 profiles you can manage. You can add up to 40 profiles at a price of $60 per month. If you are running an international business, so that your campaign should be at peak levels, then you may go for a premium plan at $900 per month.

The main advantage is you can get a software tool run online or you can get a mobile app. So that you can check whenever you want.

If you want to get a tool that is resilient and strong enough to maintain to social media campaign effectively, then you need HootSuite. It manages multiple social networking sites like Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Foursquare, WordPress, and Maxi. It’s a free tool when you have less than 5 social profiles. If you want to manage more profiles then you should go for premium pack starts at $10 per month. The greatest advantage is that you get unlimited profiles at $10 only. There will be Google analytics integration. So you can track your visitors.

You can make use of it through the web or can get a free mobile app for android, Blackberry, and iPhone.

There are some tools that won’t be updated themselves. We have to push a sharing button or we should schedule it for a fixed time. Those problems can be eliminated with apps like Buffer Social Media management tools. Either you can opt for instant sharing or you can put a schedule. You can add updates to your Buffer Bookmarker list and the updates will be sent to your social media profiles accordingly the scheduled time.

It is similar to HootSuite in terms of managing profiles. You can manage up to 10 profiles for free. If you want to add more profiles then you should upgrade to a paid plan at $10 per month.

You get the basic analytics for your Twitter updates including retweets, favorites, mentions, clicks and impressions per tweet.

As the name represents, it’s a Multiple twitter account manager and maintains a personal Facebook profile. It’s a free tool and simple to understand.

You can get it as a free software tool for your desktop (PC or Mac). There is chrome plugin too. You can create multiple columns to view your timeline, mentions, keyword search, re-tweet, clicks, searches, favorites, messages etc. You can also schedule tweets to publish at a later time.


Crowdbooster allows you to manage only Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. For one profile it is absolutely free. If you have multiple sites and multiple accounts to manage then you should go for premium plan starts at $40 per month.

Postling gives you complete monitoring of your every social media profile including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, WordPress, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You get to manage up to 5 profiles at a price of $5 per month. If you want to add more profiles then you should pay $3 per profile.

Seismic social media management tool is one of the most popular in terms of managing accounts. It allows you to publish posts instantly and can schedule you posts updates to multiple social profiles including Twitter, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, and Tumblr

It’s different from other tools. There is a limit of sharing 10 posts per day. And it is free for 10 posts per day on up to 3 accounts. If you want to share more then you have to pay up to $4.99 per month for 50 posts on up to 10 accounts, or $49.99 per month for unlimited posts to unlimited accounts.


Whether you are running a simple website, niche blog or an online store, if you want to get more traffic, if you want your blog to be famous around the internet world, you should go for social media sharing. These social media management tools are the industry top. These can make your business grow.

If I missed any tool that is more famous than here mentioned, please let me know in the comment section.

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